Breaking Up Underwater
organ donor
the seaparty
a sock is a sock is a sock is a cat
Sunday Best
Redisjointed Comics 2
eye to eye
Are they really real?
DJ Comics Presents: Farrel Plarnki
What ho, Clockson!
Redisjointed Comics 1
nose pickin
head toss
he's really quite sorry
a simple request
Mouth of the Beast
the recommended dosage
Am I the Batman?
Are we who we seem to be?
a great plan
Bill and Craig's excellent pigventure
my parents (a potrait)
mr. green
the telemarketer
the shirt
the worser accident
the accident
the wind
you are in a wide hallway
saladbot - chapter 1
costume party
the replacement
a most unpleasant way sir
the balanced breakfast
standard preflight checklist
science small steps
quik quiz #2
Charlie the Chimpanzee and the Birthday Wish!
call it george's intuition
on question of the desirability of infantile humans
the sequel
the ballad of an awkward bird
An Appealing Situation
quick quiz
an ill-fortuned impudent message
the oldest excuse in the book
red fox
one street over
For the Woman who has Everything... I mean... Enemies
the calculus problem
the oldest game
a flawless plan
Basics of Eastern Philosophy
Mr. and Mrs. Oblong
hey ma!
how i feel
fly away
sammy's stupid sister
upon closer inspection
kevin the conqueror
hellavuh trick
a financial matter
benny's contributions
the senator
better late and never
do you follow sports?
check please
lovin him
good old huffpie
to look upon the world
great art
the barber
I know how you feel

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